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The FreedomWand is the answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. The specially designed head grips any tissue or pre moistened wipe securely. Hygienic and dignified, the FreedomWand is a comfortable, effective and simple way to independently complete the toileting process. The innovative design has a very clever gripping  mechanism, which grips the toilet tissue firmly and releases it cleanly without the need to touch the tissue after wiping. Suitable for use with not only toilet tissue/wet wipes, but also for shavers, loofahs and even sponges.

The Freedom Wand is 4 tools in 1 and brings dignity & independence to those with reach limitations. Designed with multipurpose functions, the Freedom Wand® is not only a toilet tissue aid, but it can also hold a sponge to wash areas that cannot be reached while in the shower, hold tissue or a sponge to apply ointment in hard to reach areas, and can also hold a shaver or razor with ease. The Freedom Wand® comes with the handle, head and an extension piece so users may have a variety of lengths to work with.

The Freedom Wand® is made from three pieces: The handle, the extension and the head. The head is 9" long and has a slight curve to it to allow for proper reach. Combine the handle and head for a total of 14" in length or add the extension piece for 20". Order the Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue Aid Extension to make the total length 25". The durable Freedom Wand is made from a polypropylene material and is designed with a rinse hole in the head to aid in easy cleaning. 

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  • Aids with almost all aspects of personal hygiene

  • Multipurpose 

  • Portable and discreet

  • User friendly, easy to clean and durable

  • Multi length, with extra extension

  • Holds a large wad of toilet paper

  • Can grip a razor or sponge for use in the shower

  • Ability to be used in applying ointment in hard to reach areas

  • Contoured design for easy holding with a secure grip


Freedom Wand Toilet Tissue Aid Specifications:
  • Head Length: 9"

  • Handle Length: 5"

  • Extension Length: 6"

  • Bag Size: 6"L x 9"W

  • Weight: 7.2 oz

  • Colour: White/Green

Freedom Wand Bottom Wiper Instructions

The head  has four “fingers” that extend out of the wand with the slide of a button. When sliding the button back, the fingers go into the wand, securing the item in place. To release an item, just push and slide the button back. It is that easy! 

Loading Toilet Paper in bum wiper
The Freedom Wand Master Kit
Easily Wash Your Back
Bottom Wiping Made Easy For People With Limited Movement
Shaaving legs with Freedom Wand - Easy - No Bending Required
Eveb reach to shave your back with Freedom Wand

A Message From Deborah Tacoma, The Inventor Of The FreedomWand :

"Why I Invented The FreedomWand® Toilet Tissue Aid...."

"June 9, 2006 was a day I will never forget.  A car accident changed the course of my life entirely. 

Leaving the hospital a week later with a broken back, I experienced humiliation and frustration as others assisted in keeping me clean. I was restricted to the house for weeks due to unpredictable bathroom visits and no adequate personal hygiene aid."


FreedomWand is imported into Australia exclusively by HealthSaver Pty Ltd 14/140 Wecker Road Mansfield Qld 4122 Australia. Ph: 1300 767888

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Click on Freddie Freedom above to download an instruction sheet on how to load the FreedomWand with toilet paper

! Often over looked is the emotional well-being of those who are obese and cannot take care of their hygiene level properly !