For those who possess a disability or handicap, life is frequently defined by one’s physical limitations. Overcoming those limitations then takes on certain importance, as no one wants to be forced to rely on others for their basic needs.

In the realm of personal hygiene, having the right handicap hygiene equipment can be the sole determinant of this independence. It can literally be the difference between taking care of oneself and forced reliability on others.


Bottom wipers provide an easier solution to cleanliness, hygiene and personal care with dignity. The FreedomWands are of high quality design and manufacture, to give long-term quality daily use.

The FreedomWand has a long handle and holds a length of toilet paper at one end to give extended reach. Bottom wipers are designed to assist independence in personal hygiene tasks after using the toilet particularly if you have reduced mobility in your arms or restricted reach. Different bottom wipers have a range of methods of securing and releasing the toilet paper.

Loading Toilet Paper into bum wiper
Shave legs with Freedom Wand - Easy - No Bending Required
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The Freedom Wand Master Kit
Shave your back with Freedom Wand
Freedom Freddie 4 in 1 hygiene aid
Easily Wash Your Back with Freedom Wand
Bottom Wiping Made Easy For People With Limited Movement

Bottom Wiping Aids

There are various bum wiping, bottom wiping or butt wiping aids on the market. These include Toilet Paper Tongs, Bottom Wiping Aids for Independent Daily Living, Wiping Aid for Bathroom Comfort, Lightweight Self-Wipe Hygiene Assistance Tools. However only Freedom Wand allows for toileting help and shaving or showering help

Help with toilet paper

Freedom Wand is designed as a personal hygiene aid for toileting, applying ointment and bathing. Ideal for anyone with limited mobility due to spinal injuries, obesity, etc. Four extendable fingers grip toilet paper. Length adjustable.

Freedom Wand TGA Registration Certificate Australia
HealthSaver Bottom Wiper

FreedomWand is imported into Australia exclusively by HealthSaver Pty Ltd 14/140 Wecker Road Mansfield Qld 4122 Australia. Ph: 1300 767888

Freedom Freddie Australia

Click on Freddie Freedom above to download an instruction sheet on how to load the FreedomWand with toilet paper

! Often over looked is the emotional well-being of those who are obese and cannot take care of their hygiene level properly !