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Lymphoedema, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Diabetics, Swollen Feet and problem feet need Cosyfeet!

Extra wide fitting shoes mean more space, less restriction

If you feel as though your current shoes are too tight, our extra wide fit shoes and slippers will provide you with a better level of comfort and support. Unlike most shoes on the high street, our womens and mens wide fit design is roomy enough to fit swollen feet and come in many styles.

At Cosyfeet Australia we've created shoes to help your feet always feel comfortable, including men’s wide fit shoes. That is why our women's wide fit shoes only come in a 6E width fitting. They’re very adjustable, which means that your shoes can grow with you, remaining comfortable even if you're experiencing episodes of swelling or have a bunion.

Extra wide fit shoes

Our selection of womens and mens wide fitting shoes is perfect for those looking for a more spacious, stylish, pair of footwear. Whether you’ve been searching for the ideal pair of wide fit sandals for the warmer summer months, or maybe a fashionable pair that is great for parties, Cosyfeet Australia will have something to suit. Also our range of stretchy shoes and strap extensions can be adjusted to fit your foot perfectly.

At Cosyfeet Australia our range of wide fitting shoes for swollen feet have been designed with swollen feet in mind, with their extra wide fit resulting in a more comfortable shoe. Not only is each pair of shoes created to allow a greater width for your foot, but with extra depth, painful conditions such as bunions and those needing orthotics need look no further!

We believe that swollen feet still deserve to look stylish. That’s why many of our men’s and women’s comfort shoes incorporate our special ‘hidden depth’ design which hides the depth within the sole, so they still look neat and streamlined. Using premium materials, we have also developed our own technologies to give your feet the best care possible. From the waterproof CosyTex™ to the Scandi-inspired Purewool™, our quality craftsmanship ensures that your Cosyfeet Australia purchase is comfortable, stylish and durable.

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